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justuskaychan asked:

Hey whats the anime you've been posting about the non free one it looks cool :o

It’s called ‘Love Stage!!’, it’s a yaoi anime about an actor who falls in love with a boy, but thinks he’s a girl (for an understandable reason)… It’s really cool


Free! Eternal Pregnancy 


Free! Eternal Pregnancy 


I love this series even more as each passing day goes by. Ugh. 

brood-of-froods asked:

yo senpai you conned me into it i'm watching love stage i'm only up to the intro but crossdressing princess pixie eyes looks a lot like the girl from bridge to terrabithia and i'm picking up a josh hutcherson vibe from the dude bro shes flirting with am i gonna cry is this gonna be like bridge to terrabithia i can't handle that again


think a little more gay and a little less drowning children


I couldn’t stop laughing when Ryouma was chasing Izumi around to get him to strip. image




seriously, step away from the 8 year old girl

Ryouma’s dream~


just your typical yaoi, drowning in censored dicks